Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Love Loving (a Wishlist)

i have been posting a lot more than usual lately. personally because jotting down my thoughts here on the blog feels 10x much better than pretty much anywhere else and because i've got nothing to do this holiday. so this is my wishlist!

frankly, i made this wishlist during the spring but didn't get the chance to upload it. here it is ::

#Asos Backpack
#Forever21 Jeans
#H&M Shorts
#(found from) Harper's Bazaar online shop
#Kurt Geiger Flat Shoes
#Nike AirMax
#Spitfire Retro Sunglasses
#Zara Sandals

not too good with words describing a garment, but simply put, the ones i put on here are the ones i'd spend my money on (if i were out of school, that is). the most common overly used word of fashion is comfortable. now i can't say much but they look pretty comfortable to me and sometimes for fashion you just gotta do what needs to be done. oh us girls, you know we'd do anything for fashion and beauty. and i love loving fashion and beauty.

that's pretty much it
'till next time!

Xs and Os,


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