#Stradivarius dress | #EmporioArmani coat | #Vintage skinny jeans and
round sunglasses | #Zara leather wedges | #Gucci purse

If you were here on my previous post, I put together an ensemble of a white errthang outfit. And today, all black errthang is officially back. I mentioned before that black is my shadow, it never leaves me and it’s like I’m indebt to it that I have to wear it all the time. Here, I am wearing a super light dress (Yes, it’s a dress not a top and skirt) that I topped of with the you-can-never-go-wrong-with-it skinny jeans. And if you’re wondering why I was wearing a dress with jeans, the answer is purely because I love it and it looks good. I will never forget how I unzipped the bottom of the jeans. It just adds a little edge. This outfit is like a mosaic to the color black. An arrangement of blacks in different textures; from fabric to leather.  The absence of color here lifts up the incognito mood in me, making me always wanting to walk the walk and whip that hair under another name. Like I’m undercover. A full on, head 2 toe outfit of just black never disappoints. 

that's all
'till next time!

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