Monday, April 14, 2014

Collision of Illusion

plain plaid shirt, old blue jeans and boots all sum up to one word :: HOWDY?!

so, i know it's been quite a while since i last posted but i'm here anyways. 

this is a look that has somehow brought me back to it every time i feel like wearing jeans. i mean i get why not, it's baggy and light, it has ripped jeans every where. and it' very comfortable, just like all jeans should be. 

but this is just very easy to pull off and it's super safe. meaning that you won't ever be in a 'worst dressed' list with this outfit. and you won't be getting in the 'best dressed' list either. because as long as we're in the fashion world, the safer it is, the boring you are. 

i'm wearing ::

#Zara cropped plaid tee
#Zara ripped jeans
#Vintage combat boots
#H&M shades
#H&M rings

here are the deets to this look..

the 'plus' to this tee is that it's successfully created a collision of illusion. cropped plaid tee doesn't happen very often. i wear this with skirts too and it looks just as nice as when topped with jeans like this one. turn it into a cowgirl look and it will do you good too.

i gotta be honest, there really comes a time when you have to wear something out of your comfort zone and literally. beauty costs and so does fashion. you always have to walk like you've been 'b****! stole my look!'-ed by your worst enemy. and yeah be a fashion police when you get the chance to. 
'b****! stole my look!'? get it? ;)

that is all
'till next time!


Friday, March 28, 2014

King of the Wild

"and when your book ever gets published, make sure you spell my name right!" -Alison Dilaurentis, Pretty Little Liars

don't you all just love Ali from pll? i know i do. she's very, what's that word again? oh, fearless. and being fearless in the city of angels is the ultimate dream.

growing up, people around me always spelled my name wrong. i don't know why but i mean c'mon, it's not that hard 
yeah, it's an E. i hated everyone who wronged me. which is why someday i want nothing but my name to be up in lights and the flashing cameras around me for every step of the way. 

here are some pics of the very laid back kind of outfit. 

i'm wearing ::
#Forever21 muscle tank
#Zara shorts
#Volcom slippers
#Louis Vuitton backpack
#H&M shades
#DIY bracelet

you know, on sunny days when you just don't feel like dressing up, this is what came up to my mind. super easy to pull off, you can literally accessorize this look with anything you like. all you gotta do is just be fearless and walk that walk.

being fearless is all about not caring what other people think of you. don't let some sheep judge you. puh-lease! you're the motha effin lion, the king of the wild. mark my words.

well, that is all
'till the very next time!

fierce and love,

oh and hey, put some shades on cos i'll be dancing in the flames tonight!