Sunday, September 14, 2014

It Is Sad

#H&M shirt | #Vintage shorts

Welcome back to another session of Elle Thinks. If you read my previous posts, I mentioned about having 'thoughts' sessions here. Here goes nothing...

I think it is sad that:

1. everytime I tell someone I'm interested in fashion, they automatically assume that I want to become a fashion designer (well guess what? fashion doesn't only cover the designing area).

2. the modern era has banned the art of eating right after the food is served, while it's warm. Instead, we take pictures of it (honestly, would you really want to see what you've beeng eating all day, everyday in the next year?).

3. Joan Rivers the legend has passed away (rest in piece).

4. New York is too far away from home...

well that's all
'till the very next time!

much love,