#Guess denim jacket | #H&M top | #Colorbox jeans

Another outfit post has gone. It’s time to publically expose my thoughts once more.
Listen to me think loudly; I think:

  1. Denim is a fifty-shades-of-flawless kind of garment
  2. The sweet, silent sound of solitude is getting to me
  3. Tea > coffee
  4. One should undergo nostalgia, however not more than once a day
  5. What the world needs is a million Angelina Jolies
  6. Every little thing in every little corner is instagram worthy
  7. I need a break…

Can you tell that I’m one of the “less than a third of the population introverts”? Why yes I am, I mean, introverts enjoy solitude. Nevertheless, I don’t like to limit myself to an ‘introvert’, I don’t want to label myself that way, as if extroverts win over introverts. It’s not that I’m ashamed of it, I just like to believe I’m a shape shifter. Fashion-wise, that’s a good thing. I hope…