Monday, July 28, 2014

Capital X

 i feel like myself most when i'm in a plain white tee and jeans.

#BigJill tshirt | #Zara jeans | #Desigual handbag | #MontegoBayClub sandals
frankly i'm not one to over accessorize or just accessorize even. partially because having to pick an outfit is hard enough at times that i just get a little too lazy to pick at least one piece of accessory and the other reason, well i'm all in for that laid back, casual and simple style which means less is more. although of course my style is very much dependant on my mood. but this outfit screams 'a good book to read, tea, nature, naps, scribbling on notebooks, quality time with my family and just chillaxing', and that to me was my mood when i was deciding what to wear that morning. so i did exactly that with the extraordinary company of a really supportive outfit.  

that is all
'till next time!

Capital  x,