Monday, July 21, 2014

Blissfully Unaware

something always brings me back to black. and it usually never takes too long.

#British India top |  #Guess shorts | #Versace coat | #Bally bag | #vintage necklace | #MontegoBayClub sandals

in this whimsical warmth, in the middle of summer, in a tropical country, yes, it is foolish to wear black (not to mention, all black) especially in midday. it's not that i want to or am purposely wearing dark colors to express emo because i'm not. black (and white) has been that sword hanging on top of my head, just waiting to drop and behead me. it appears out of nowhere, and is to stay until God knows when. everyone has this sword, different kinds, on top of their heads, it's either they haven't noticed or they're pretending it doesn't exist. like someone who has nasty feet all from the results of wearing heels too many times but still wears them anyway. not purposely, just blissfully unaware, i mean who wants old granny feet in their 20s?

so (i don't really know how) i'm always rooting for the color black in any occasion and i can't blame my mood or my wardrobe - black has a mind of its own. i get the yells&screams from my mom too when i wear black to happy celebrations. however - think happy thoughts - one day that sword on top of your head won't weigh you down. the only way to feel safe with it eating you slowly is to first admit you have it and then just embrace it, they can't use it against you by then. although if your hanging sword is 'nasty feet from the results of wearing heels' then you probably should do something about your poor feet before you embrace wearing heels! 

well, that's it
'till next time!

hugs and kisses,