Some days I’d kill to wear more color on my body. Like this day, I had to kill my time to find something bright colored – the electric blue jumpsuit. But you just can’t reason with black (and/or white) once you have fallen into its rabbit hole and there is no escaping the realm of the absence of color. There will always be an item in black, no a splash of black in an item, no a tiny dot of black somewhere in my outfit. I’m not totally obsessed with black, I just let it roll and never complain. There is a fine line between emo and elegance when in black that you do not want to mess with. And for this look? Definitely not emo.  I’d say it’s just purely a casual, laid back, summer outfit. 

Forever 21 slip ons | Bally bucket bag | Aldo watch

Hows about a breezy song to kill the blues? ;)

Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - Keira Knightly (Cover by Mackenzie Johnson)

xx - Elle

Hey there, lovelies! 
Cullottes are everywhere now and I can't stop wearing them! It's no shock these things are actually ultra quick to sell out. Frankly, I need to feel the connection with my outfit when I style myself, mostly because my mood and personality play a big part in how I dress daily. This day in particular had me begging for some minimalism injection, hence I toned it down in both color and accessories. Oh who am I kidding? As if  I ever really wear accessories! I never do. I just am not fond of its danggle-y and itchy features...

Forever 21 top and shoes | @seasonboutique instagram cullotes | Bally bucket bag 

Speaking of cullotes..
If  any of you are looking for them or just any pants, really, please do check Zalora out. Darling tell ya what, not only are they in reasonable prices, they come in many forms and are exclusively of high quality. So what are you waiting for? 

go give this link a click, bellas :: Hot Pants from Zalora

xx- Ellee


Spring has sprung, hallelujah! Despite the fact that there are no 4 seasons here and I have never experienced them, spring is still a wonderful time (yep, i’m totally eligible to say that). It is when flowers bloom, animals awake and sun rays breaking through the leaves as they change colors. Oh how I long to smell the scent of change. Spring reminds me of roses and roses remind me of none other than La Vie En Rose. Doesn’t it? I guess spring is just nostalgic that way, to me at least. Coincidentally, the slippers I wore here is from La Vie En Rose. I’m not sure what that is, but the tag on the slipper says so. Also, because this was a gift from someone, I honestly have no idea where they were from. This entire shoot was shot and edited in a day, at the same spot I almost always use for shooting. If you pay attention I actually change the painting on the wall for each shoot to embody the mood. And for today’s mood, it’s spring!

Arithalia top / Amnesia Paris bottom / Versace coat / La Vie En Rose slippers

How bout some sick classic tunes to escort you through the day? ;)

xx - Ellee