#Zara tee

I have stumbled myself upon some thoughtful facts lately. Here they are:

  •     Lorde wrote her hit song Royals when she was only fifteen years old. Let me stress that, fifteen! And to think that she’s only eighteen now and has got two Grammy Awards? What have I been doing with my life right now?
  •      Christmas is around! Well it, I guess, has been since early fall. Am I the only one who finds it odd for stores to be displaying christmas ornaments since then? It numbs the spirit of christmas and makes us, I don’t know, immune to it that the true essence of christmas is lost along the way. It makes us forget what christmas really is all about. But this is just what my little, crooked brain has to say..
  •     Kanye West leaving music for fashion? I think I’m excited. I’d wear Kanye. Just to let ya’ll know.

I think I should really enjoy my life right now and be happy with it. Blessing count: I launched my blog at fifteen, I’m greatful that I can even celeberate and feel christmas and… I’m just glad I found out that Kanye is switching to fashion. He’s good at it. Ask Kim. 

that is all
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snow kisses,

#H&M shirt | #Uniqlo pants | #Zara heels | #Vintage bag

Should you ever find yourself a few inches away from a Christmas tree, artificial or nah, make time to take a few snaps.
What I love more than Christmas trees is the versatility of any piece. I’ve decided to showcase 3 different pieces from my closet that are all ridiculously versatile. They’re all so easy to work with, comfortable, look brand new every time, so on and so forth. To conclude, I would like to bluntly include this statement into this blog post: the top, bottom and shoes I am wearing here are all old pieces, nothing brand new but I am not ready to give them up just yet. 

that's all
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