Spring has sprung, hallelujah! Despite the fact that there are no 4 seasons here and I have never experienced them, spring is still a wonderful time (yep, i’m totally eligible to say that). It is when flowers bloom, animals awake and sun rays breaking through the leaves as they change colors. Oh how I long to smell the scent of change. Spring reminds me of roses and roses remind me of none other than La Vie En Rose. Doesn’t it? I guess spring is just nostalgic that way, to me at least. Coincidentally, the slippers I wore here is from La Vie En Rose. I’m not sure what that is, but the tag on the slipper says so. Also, because this was a gift from someone, I honestly have no idea where they were from. This entire shoot was shot and edited in a day, at the same spot I almost always use for shooting. If you pay attention I actually change the painting on the wall for each shoot to embody the mood. And for today’s mood, it’s spring!

Arithalia top / Amnesia Paris bottom / Versace coat / La Vie En Rose slippers

How bout some sick classic tunes to escort you through the day? ;)

xx - Ellee

Let me be frank, I have not been active here for a while and I do apologize. I guess I kind of felt discouraged  to do this whole blogging thing and I did feel like I lost a couple of original reasons as to why I even created this blog in the first place. Nonetheless, I am here now and would like to make changes. First, I’d like to write more, hence this entire blog will no longer be a fashion blog. It will just simply be a blog where I get to channel my inner philosophical self to the internet along with some really dope outfits and pictures that I think are good enough.

For some reason, I also felt like I was anticipated to post more and more at a given period of time and expected greatness. This will no longer be my concern as I am now declaring that this is my blog and that I can post anytime I want, about anything I like and just do the entire “blogging” thing for myself.

Anyways, sorry for the chit chat up there.
So..  I underwent some sort of nostalgic moment of being a child again, hence the crazy hairdo.

That is all!
Just kidding!

Seriously, I have nothing else to say but here’s a couple of  behind the scenes fun. Enjoy! 

Custom tee / Colorbox jeans

xx - Ellee

#Zara tee

I have stumbled myself upon some thoughtful facts lately. Here they are:

  •     Lorde wrote her hit song Royals when she was only fifteen years old. Let me stress that, fifteen! And to think that she’s only eighteen now and has got two Grammy Awards? What have I been doing with my life right now?
  •      Christmas is around! Well it, I guess, has been since early fall. Am I the only one who finds it odd for stores to be displaying christmas ornaments since then? It numbs the spirit of christmas and makes us, I don’t know, immune to it that the true essence of christmas is lost along the way. It makes us forget what christmas really is all about. But this is just what my little, crooked brain has to say..
  •     Kanye West leaving music for fashion? I think I’m excited. I’d wear Kanye. Just to let ya’ll know.

I think I should really enjoy my life right now and be happy with it. Blessing count: I launched my blog at fifteen, I’m greatful that I can even celeberate and feel christmas and… I’m just glad I found out that Kanye is switching to fashion. He’s good at it. Ask Kim. 

that is all
'till next time!

snow kisses,